Horfield Baptist Church meets to worship together in our church building at 10.30 am on Sunday morning. Our worship on the first Sunday of the month is in the form of a communion service.

Our morning service is worshipful and Bible based. We aim to have Jesus at the centre of all we do.

Currently, from Sunday 2nd February 2020, the theme of our services is Jacob - Man of God, Man of Flesh.

Jacob was a complicated character. Sometimes seen as sly and grasping, he was often in conflict with others and made rash decisions that affected not only himself but the people around him. However, far from viewing this most human man as a failure or an embarrassment, God had already decided that Jacob was to be part of his plan for the whole world through the whole of time. Why not join us on a Sunday to find more about this most human of characters, whose faults and failings resonate with our own lives but whose destiny was chosen by God.

Each week we follow a weekly bible study.

You can listen to audio recordings of our recent sermons and our Sunday Service Sheets provide a written description of our services and church news.

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