Gulu - our Uganda link

We support the Gulu Project in northern Uganda.Map showing Gulu in Uganda

The Gulu project, a partnership with the Baptist Missionary Society (BMS), is working to create 22 community centres. The centres provide space and capacity for learning, community development and worship.

The project’s specific objectives are to:

  • Enable land to be acquired legally – displacement and dislocation caused by civil war mean land rights in Gulu are complex and contentious. Helping people to legally acquire their land provides the basis for improving their security and opportunities.

  • Train local people to construct buildings

  • Provide education and support for sustainable farming

  • Create places where the community can worship
We provide prayer support, financial donations and awareness raising to assist the project.

We have two BMS “link missionary families” in Gulu - the Darbys and the Ovendens – with whom we are regularly in touch.

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