Sunday Service Sheets

Our Sunday service and news sheets can be read using Adobe Reader (which you can download free here). Click on the date link to open the file.


16th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Joy for the helpless (Advent 3)

9th - Revd Sarah Phillpot Joy for the humble (Advent 2)

2nd - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Joy for the hearers (Advent 1)


25th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Heaven 

18th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - He was in the world

11th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Remebrance Day

4th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - The Christian Day of Atonement


28th - Revd - Sarah Phillpot Healing the wounded church  

21st - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Harvest and Operation Agri

14th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Healing the wounded family or group

7th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Healing the wounds of past and present


30th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Forgiveness II

23rd - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Forgiveness I 

16th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Day of Prayer

9th- Revd Sarah Phillpot - Peace-making

2nd Revd Sarah Phillpot - Sons (and daughters) of encouragement


26th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Brothers and Sisters, what then should we to do?

19th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - How can we sing the Lord's song

12th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - It is to such as these

5th - Jenny Foster - In the Hands of the Potter & Transformation


29th - Peter Gardiner - Mark 2 v 1 -12 

22nd - Revd Sarah Phillpot - A doorkeeper at the court of the Lord

15th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - I am sending you out

8th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - A wild man in the desert

1st - Revd Sarah Phillpot - A blameless and upright man  


24th - Revd Nigel Coles - Isaiah 55

17th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - What does this mean

10th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - I was glad when they said to me....

3rd - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Breaking Boundaries 


27th - Jonathan Lee, Sarah Luckwell - Crisis Centre Ministries

20th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Prayer - Spiritual Warfare

13th - Anna Auty - Salt and Light 

6th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Learning to Listen


22nd - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Dealing with disappointments

22nd - Revd Sarah Phillpot

15th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Petition

8th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Adoration 

1st - Revd Sarah Phillpot - He is risen


25th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Comfort for us

18th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - I will listen and do

11th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - God the parent

4th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - God will revive me


25th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - I will watch and act

18th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - A light to the nations

11th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Not surviving but thriving 

4th - Revd Peter Slee - Dealing with the darkness & living in the light


28th - Revd Sarah Phillpot & Lois & Joe Ovenden

21st - Revd Sarah Phillpot - My strength in the Lord

14th - Chris Shrimpton/Robert Dungey - Mission Aviation Fellowship

7th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Who is God's equal?



24th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Come to worship

17th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Power from the Most High

10th - Jenny Foster - The Power and the Glory 1

3rd - Revd Steve Finamore - 125th Anniversary Celebration


26th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Recap on the journey so far

19th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Loving your enemies

12th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Remembrance Sunday

5th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Going the extra mile


29th - Revd Sarah Phillpot -Thy Kingdom Come

22nd - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Sent into the world

15th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Being a blessing

8th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Am I my brothers keeper?                                                          

1st - Revd Sarah Phillpot - I have set an example for you


17th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Learning from the Rabbi                                                          

10th  - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Becoming more like our teacher

3rd - Andrew Kellett - The Year of the Lord's favour

August 2017

27th - Revd Sarah Phillpot

13th - Jenny Foster -Good news for the poor

6th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - We shall overcome

July 2017

30th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Living with the help of the Spirit

23rd - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Living in hope                                                                 

16th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Living as Children of God                                                

9th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Being Free                                                                      

2nd - Rev Peter Slee - Talent-stopping

June 2017

25th - Pastor Greg Lazaro - The Bridesmaids                                                               18th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - The Wedding Banquet                                                              11th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - God answers prayer                                                                4th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - God saves

May 2017                                                                                                                               28th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - God goes before us                                                                  21st - Revd Sarah Phillpot - God is sovereign                                                                      14th - Kate Hunter - God is with us                                                                                       7th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - God is already at work

April 2017                                                                                                                               30th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Packing for the journey                                                              23rd - Peter Westbury - What on earth happened last week?                                                16th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - He is risen!                                                                                9th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - On the edge of his pain - Barrabas                                              2nd - Revd Sarah Phillpot - On the edge of his pain - Peter

March 2017                                                                                                                           26th - Polly Bramley (One25) - On the edge of his pain: Mary                                              19th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - On the edge of his pain - Judas                                                12th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - On the edge of his pain - Mary                                                  5th - Rev Sarah Phillpot - People on the edge of his pain - Jesus

February 2017                                                                                                                     26th - Jenny Foster - Transforming lives together                                                                 19th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Celebration                                                                                12th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - But be transformed ...                                                               5th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Worship

January 2017                                                                                                                         29th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Why does God allow suffering?                                                22nd - Revd Ken Stewart                                                                                                       15th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Is there more to life than this?                                                  8th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Does God exist?

December 2016                                                                                                                   18th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Prince of Peace                                                                        11th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Everlasting Father                                                                      4th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Mighty God                                                                                                     

November 2016                                                                                                                   27th - Jenny Foster - Welcoming our Wonderful Counsellor                                                 20th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - The True Vine                                                                           13th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Remembrance Sunday                                                   6th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - The Resurrection and the Life

October 2016                                                                                                                       30th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - The Light of the World                                                              23th - Katie & Peter Wilkinson - Love is all you need                                                             16th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - The Way, The Truth & The Life                                                  9th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Liminal Places                                                                            2nd October - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Jesus the Bread of Life

September 2016                                                                                                                   25th - Peter Westbury - A healing community                                                                        18th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - The Good Shepherd                                                                  11th - Revd Sarah - Phillpot - Jesus - I am the Gate                                                              4th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - I Am 

August 2016                                                                                                                           28th - Peter Wilkinson - Sodium Chloride and us   
21st -
Revd Sarah Phillpot - Jesus's words on how we should speak to one another        14th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Jesus words on how we act towards one another          7th - Revd Sarah Phillpot 

July 2016                                                                                                                               31st - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Sing psalms to each other                                                         24th - Revd Ken Stewart - A Missional Community                                                                17th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Forgiveness                                                                              10th - Revd Sarah Phillpot                                                                                                     3rd - Katie & Peter Wilkinson - Justification!

June 2016                                                                                                                               26th - Jenny Foster - Commitment!                                                                                        19th - Malcolm & Jenny Yeoman - Gulu                                                                            12th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Bearing one another's burdens
5th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Joshua the superhero

May 2016                                                                                                                               29th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Hopelessly devoted to you                                                       22nd - Peter Westbury - Ask                                                                                                  15th - Revd Sarah Phillpot                                                                                                     8th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Encourage one another                                                               1st- Revd Sarah Phillpot - Waiting patiently

April 2016                                                                                                                               24th - Revd Ken Stewart - Easter Restoration                                                                       17th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Loving one another                                                                    10th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Rise up and go                                                                          3th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - A call for unity

March 2016                                                                                                                           27th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - The courage to believe                                                             20th - Revd Sarah Phillpot                                                                                                    13th - Revd Sarah Phillpot - Wasting time with Jesus                                                           6th - Revd Sarah Phillpot

February 2016                                                                                                                       28th - Revd Sarah Phillpot                                                                                                     21st - Revd Sarah Phillpot                                                                                                    14th - Revd Sarah Phillpot                                                                                                     7th - Revd Sarah Phillpot

January 2016                                                                                                                       31st - Revd Ken Stewart                                                                                                         24th - Revd James Stevenson                                                                                                17th - Revd Ben Lucas                                                                                                          10th - Katie & Peter Wilkinson                                                                                              3rd - Peter Westbury - Mission Statements

December 2015                                                                                                                   20th - Katie & Peter Wilkinson - Life without Luke & It all begins here                                  13th - Revd Ken Stewart                                                                                                       6th - Peter Westbury - Holiness is coming

November 2015                                                                                                                   29th - Revd Chris Ellis - The Faithfulness of God                                                                   22nd - Revd Dan Doherty - How on earth do we do mission?                                                15th - Revd Hannah Colk                                                                                                        8th - Revd Peter Slee - The Cost of Caring
1st - Jenny Foster and Revd Ken Stewart

October 2015                                                                                                                         25th - Peter Westbury                                                                                                            18th - Dr Stephen Lyne - Jesus, Power and Leadership                                                        11th - Revd Sarah Phillpot                                                                                                     4th - Revd Dr Stephen Finamore

September 2015                                                                                                                   27th - Revd Michael Docker                                                                                                   20th - Revd Dr Michael Peat                                                                                                   13th - Revd Ken Stewart                                                                                                        6th - Revd Sarah Phillpot

August 2015                                                                                                                         30th - Katie and Peter Wilkinson
23rd Jenny Foster
16th Revd Dr Michael Peat  
9th Linda & Tim Darby and Norman & Janet Taylor                                                              2nd - Revd Ken Stewart

July 2015                                                                                                                               
26th - Peter Westbury - Signs of fulfilment and authority                                                          19th July - Jenny Foster & Peter Wilkinson                                                                                 12th - Dan Doherty (Christian Aid) - Love in Action                                                                   5th - Revd Gary Woodall

June 2015                                                                                                                              
28th - Revd Ben Lucas                                                                                                                 21st - Anna Auty                                                                                                                             14th - Peter Westbury - An introduction to the Kingdom of God                                              07th - Revd Dr Peter Hatton

May 2015                                                                                                                              
31st - One of our Home Groups - Fruits of the Spirit                                                                  17th - Revd Barbara Carpenter                                                                                                   10th - Katie & Peter Wilkinson - Four Key Words                                                                      3rd May - Katie & Peter Wilkinson - A bit of viticulture

April 2015                                                                                                                               26th - Revd Peter Lynch                                                                                                              19th - Revd Keith Clements                                                                                                         12th - Peter Wilkinson - Believing without seeing                                                                      5th - Revd Ken Stewart

March 2015                                                                                                                                  29th - Revd Ken Stewart                                                                                                               22nd-Peter Westbury - The hour has come for glory                                                       15th - Revd Iain Hoskin                                                                                                                8th - Revd Tim Parkman                                                                                                               1st - Revd Ken Stewart

February 2015                                                                                                                        22nd - Jenny Foster - What does the Lord require of us?                                                      15th - Katie & Peter Wilkinson - The Transfiguration                                                           8th  -  Dr Steve Lyne                                                                                                                 1st -   Revd Sian Murray-Williams - What have you to do with us, Jesus of Nazareth?         

January 2015
                                                                                                                         25th  - Revd Ben Lucas                                                                                                   18th  - Peter Wilkinson - Hearing the Call                                                                              11th - Jenny Foster & Jonny Wilkinson
- Anna Auty

December 2014
30th - Revd Paul Martin
23rd - Revd Kat Bracewell
16th - Revd Michael Bray
9th - Pastor Jonathan
7th - Revd Ken Stewart - The Blessing of the Wilderness

November 2014 
26th - Revd Ken Stewart
19th - Peter Llewellyn
12th - Revd Ben Lucas
2nd - Revd Jenni Entrican

Oct 2014  
28th - Revd Stephen Finamore - Two Paths
21st - Revd Iain Hoskins - Liminality
14th - Revd Same Cook
5th - 
Revd Chris Grant -   Abram’s First Test

September 2014                                                                                                                   7t- John Howes
17th - Revd Ken Stewart
24th - Revd Malcolm Goodspeed

August 2014    
27th - Shayla Merivale
20th - Katie & Peter Wilkinson
13th - Revd James Stevenson
10th - Revd Laurie Burn
3rd - Revd Keith Clements

July 2014       6th - Revd Christine Ritter

June 2014

May 2014

April 2014


March 2014

29th - Revd Paul Carter
22nd - Peter Westbury
15th - Revd Helen Paynter
8th - Revd Michael Docker
1st - Dr Steve Lyne
25th - Revd Steve Langford
18th - Andy Foster(Blythswood)
11th - Jenny Foster - Jesus is the Gate
4th - Katie & Peter Wilkinson
27th - Dr David Jeffrey - Thomas the doubter
20th - Revd Ken Stewart - Living with Easter
13th - Chris Shrimpton & Members of Church Family
6th- Peter Wilkinson
30th - Shayla Merivale
23rd - Revd Iain Hoskins
16th - Revd Dr Keith Clements
9th - Steve Sanderson
2nd - Revd James Stevenson
23rd - Revd James Grote
16th Peter Westbury
G7-1 Test file
9th Mark Cook
2nd - Shayla Merivale
  26th - Revd David Kerrigan
  19th - Lydia Nash - Whos Land ?
  12th - Revd Nigel Coles
January 2014 5th Peter Westbury & Peter Wilkinson - Returning to what is important
  29th Katie & Peter Wilkinson - What will be your legacy?
  22nd Revd Ken Stewart - Name Him Emmanuel
  15th Revd Ken Stewart - Streams in the desert
  8th Revd Ken Stewart - A child shall lead them
December 2013 1st Revd Ken Stewart - Walk in the Light
  24th Samantha Piggott
  17th Revd Ben Lucas - Be Imitators of God
  10th Revd Ken Stewart
November 2013 Revd Dr Ernest Lucas 
  27th Peter Westbury 
  20th Revd Gordon Hindmarch - Guard the Good Treasure
  13th Caroline Brown - God is Able
October 2013 6th Revd Steve Finamore
  29th Peter Wilkinson A Bad Lot? 
  22nd Dr Stephen Lyne
  15th Dr David Jeffery
  8th Revd Nigel Coles
September 2013 1st David Winfield
  25th Revd Ken Stewart "A sing in the tail?"
  18th Jenny Foster "still faith"
  11h Rev S Farrar  " A faith response"
AUGUST 13 4th Gill Wotton  'Wisdon and Wealth"
  28th Michael Harwood
  21st Peter Westbury
  14th Rev Peter & Kathryn Morgan
July 2013 7th Peter Wilkinson 
  30th Rev K Stewart
  23rd P Westbury "Jesus and the Law"
  16th A North "For the least of these"
  09th Jenny Foster 'All Age Service'
June 2013 02nd Revd Michael Docker
  26th Shayla Merivale 
  19th Tony Peck "Mind your language"
  12th Peter Westbury 'Prison Break'
May 2013 5th Rev K Stewart 
  28th P Wilkinson "All Change"
  21st S Bartlett 
  14th Dr P Hatton " The Transforming Presence"
April 2013 7th Jenny Foster  'Believe it!'
  31st Shayla Merivale
  24th Fran Brealey '
  17th Tony Peck 'an exgravant generosity'
  10th Rachel 'Being Found'
March 2013 3rd Rachel 'Not all tears are sad'
  24th Rachel 
  17th Rachel 'Faith that begins in the wilderness'
  10th Tim 'The spirituality of Community'
February 2013 3rd Rachel 'A chance meeting'
  20th Tim 'Serving the community'
  13th Rachel 'An unexpected turn of events'  
January 2013 6th Tim
  23rd Rachel 'Songs from the heart' 
  16th Tim 'The Angel's news
  9th Rachel " Preparation"  Baptismal Service
December 2nd Tim "Prepare to change"
  25th Rachel 'Born to be King'
  18th Rachel "Signs of the times"
  11th Tim " A humble heart"
November 04th Rachel Love Rules


28th - Tim "Restoring the established"
October 21st - Rachel " The outstreached arms"

14th - Rachel "The sacred art of dwelling"
  7th - Rachel - "Reawakening awe and wonder" - including membership renewal and welcoming new members
September 30th - Rachel - "Jesus always makes everything super"

23rd - Tim - "God's wisdom revealed" - including the Big Welcome
  16th - Rachel - "Wise words"
  9th - Tim - "The impartial God"
  2nd - Rachel - "Rooted Grace" - and Stepping Up Sunday
August 26th - Tim - "Senses"
  19th - Rachel - "Made in God's Image"
  12th -Peter Wilkinson and Jenny Foster - "Message to the Hebrews" and "Running the Race"
  5th - Tim - "In God's strength"
July 29th - Tim - "An Olympic calling"
  22nd - Rachel - "Everyone needs compassion"
  15th - Rachel - "Finding our voice"
  8th - Rachel - "Let's be realistic..."
  1st - Welcome back Rachel Haig! - "Knowing God now!"