Weekly Bible Study

Bible study w/c 16th Feb 2020

Read Matthew 13:16 & 17
What does if feel like to know that you are blessed? Take a moment to give your cares to God and know that in return he gives you blessing. 
Thank God for his blessing.
List out aloud some of God’s blessings. Remember to include those blessings that apply to everyone such as sunshine.
Are there any things which make it hard to believe that you are blessed? Share them if you are able and pray for each other. 

Read Matthew 13: 44-46
What do you understand the kingdom of heaven to be?
Would you be prepared to exchange all that you have for the kingdom of heaven? Why/why not?
Are there areas in your life where you think you may have your priorities wrong? What might you do about this?

Bible study w/c 9th Feb 2020
Bible study w/c 2nd Feb 2020