Weekly Bible Study

Bible study w/c 15th March 2020

Read Psalm 71:1-6

Be real about the trials that you face - the times of desert and the storms around you and within. You might like to call out to God knowing that he sees you and he knows you in all of your trials. Say the words from the psalm “you, O Lord, are my hope” and thank him aloud for the ways in which he blesses you

 Is there a recurring storm in your life that you find hard  to  deal with?
 How do you reconnect with God when you have been in  a desert place? 
Does it help you to know that God knows you completely? Why/why not?

Read Isaiah 61:1-3

This is the passage that Jesus quoted when he first spoke in the synagogue. As he read it aloud he made it his own. Jesus had just come from 40 days in the desert and yet he proclaims good news, healing, liberty and release
What is the good news that Jesus brings. Make it personal to you and for those around you
Jesus says he will bind up the broken hearted and com fort those who mourn - he is speaking of  encounter with  his children and taking them from their desert places and  out of their storms. Reach out in prayer for yourself and  those who are in crisis. Claim the garland and the oil of gladness.
How might the glory of the Lord be displayed during this  international crisis?
Pray that the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus might be spread and witnessed to despite our circumstances

This week, pray that the Spirit of the Lord will be on you also to bring hope to those in fear or despair.

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